Last Friday I finally finished some of the key features of , and I now feel like it is stable enough to try and do a little bit of marketing.  So I decided to post some links on some of the popular ‘news’ sites, like Reddit and Digg.

I was really kind of surprised to see such an extremely small response,  I am not sure what exactly I expected, but I hoped that I would get a few people to sign up for accounts and at least take a look.  So, after obsessing about the pages to see if the ‘stories’ had gained any kind of attraction, I eventually went to bed and well, got -zero- traction.

Of the stories, I did seem to get a couple comments from some on Reddit, although they where less than helpful. The one site where I did get a little bit of attention was on the Hacker News site where I got a couple of detailed comments that really pointed out some of the big problems with my site.

Of course, some glaring problems

One of the first issues that several people seemed to point out was my lack of information about what NotoAir is, I guess people like to know what they are signing up for 🙂 One of the issues that I had while developing NotoAir- was what exactly is notoair? And I suppose that is a pretty important question to answer when developing any product.  Since I started developing NotoAir as a side project to fill a niche I always wanted to fill, I had not really considered what it was and what it was not. This kind of makes for an identity crisis when im trying to give my elevator pitch. Because the best I can seem to come up with on the spot is: NotoAir is *insert twix* hrmphhhHUmr.

So… What is it?

NotoAir is a note taking application first, and a note sharing service second. You can write and store your notes, to be available anywhere and you can make your notes public so that others can learn from your hardships.

One of the key concepts behined the software is one that I have kept for some time:  People who just learned something have a better understanding of the pitfalls when learning that something.  Recently, when I started playing around with OpenGL programming in c# and .net, there where quite a few pitfalls that I had to figure out, they are miniscule now, but, they still caused me problems.  Like, where the hell is the documentation? What is an assembly? I know these where tough for me to find or understand. If I had bothered to take notes,  I could just share those with the world and there you go. 3 more people know where the documenation is.

Another key concept is this:  Note taking software should store all my knowledge in a single place, and make it accessible all over.  There is no reason why I should have to manually screw around with files. This is a nice feature in Microsoft’s Outlook (it even snycs with the iphone) – but this limited to text. Great for taking notes on a phone call; not so good for taking notes on a class.

Where to next?

I plan to do some work in identifying NotoAir a little better and I am currently working on putting together a screencast to show off some of the features.

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