128ms-logo-v2I recently updated MoneyStew – http://money-stew.appspot.com/ , a project that I envisioned a long time ago and originally built on top of ExtJs. I recently scrapped all of the front end code and converted the entire project to a AngularJS/Angular Material project. I am unsure if it has actually been  an improvement – since it is mostly at feature parity with the original version and I had to dial back some of the UI since the Material project didn’t have some of the required widgets that I needed. I decided the best process was to update the UI code without touching the backend, to ensure that I didn’t actually loose any data. This limited me from updating the api, which I hope I can improve on over time.

Nitrous.IOOk, I just felt it was time for me to post something, since I haven’t actually added anything here in a very long time. So – Here it is  https://www.nitrous.io looks to be a really cool. I was just introduced last night at the AngularJS meetup in Denver.  However, I am taking a look at nitrous.io and it is certainly an interesting tool, integrating a whole dev environment and server into a single ‘web app’ (I use that term a bit loosely here). I am curious to see what pricing will look like there, currently they are in Beta and so there is no pricing that I can see.

I decided, being a web software developer, that for my upcoming wedding, I would use a web application to help manage the wedding. So, in deciding to save money and time, I developed an application that would help distribute the information about the wedding and would allow people to RSVP to the wedding via the web. Originally, I wanted to try and keep the whole of the invitation process limited to electronic only, however, that idea was quickly vetoed by the future wife (among others).  Maybe it is too soon to require all the invitees to be able rely on email, but that day will come eventually.

Some of the things that I was able to drop into the app, suprisingly easily where web fonts  and one of my new favorite features: The Responsive Template via the Initializr boilerplate html5 template generator. I didn’t bother to do much more than modify colors on the responsive template, since it was pretty cherry right out of the box.

In any event, if you happen to find yourself getting married and would like to go a more techie route than old school invites, I invite you to use/contribute to the CakeRsvp project. You can check out my live site  here, please keep in mind I am actually trying to use that site, so try not to f*&^ it up 🙂


A collegue of mine mentioned a problem he was having when he told people he was a web developer. The problem is that he is a software engineer that happens to work with web technology, he doesn’t build “websites”, he builds web applications and I think this difference is lost on a lot of people. As it turns out, I have had exactly the same problem, I just couldn’t seem to put my finger on it.

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I went to look for some Ext Core user extensions and hoped that I would find a sort of centralrepository for them somewhere, unfortunately, I could not, so I figured I would add a list here:

In any event, it seemed hard to find some of this stuff

While working on SwarmDoc I managed to come across an article by Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror about using regular expressions.  I have always been kind of stand offish in regards to regular expressions , mainly because its not quite standard once you get past the super common bits, like . and *, and even then. You have other differences. But, it has been a while since I tried my hand and once I was turned on to http://regexpal.com/ (which is a really cool site) I decided to try to punch the regex shortbus yet again. Read More →

So, I just spent the whole day yesterday (or at least several minutes of it) renaming my project for the last six months (NotoAir) because, as it turns out – its really easy to read as No to Air. I Like Air! both in the Adobe and natural forms!.

So, I decided SwarmDoc was a better name, so I bought  swarmdoc.com  – for now, until I dont realize it spells, codmraws backward and that kind of looks like Cod – M – Raws, which, cannot be a good thing…