I decided, being a web software developer, that for my upcoming wedding, I would use a web application to help manage the wedding. So, in deciding to save money and time, I developed an application that would help distribute the information about the wedding and would allow people to RSVP to the wedding via the web. Originally, I wanted to try and keep the whole of the invitation process limited to electronic only, however, that idea was quickly vetoed by the future wife (among others).  Maybe it is too soon to require all the invitees to be able rely on email, but that day will come eventually.

Some of the things that I was able to drop into the app, suprisingly easily where web fonts  and one of my new favorite features: The Responsive Template via the Initializr boilerplate html5 template generator. I didn’t bother to do much more than modify colors on the responsive template, since it was pretty cherry right out of the box.

In any event, if you happen to find yourself getting married and would like to go a more techie route than old school invites, I invite you to use/contribute to the CakeRsvp project. You can check out my live site  here, please keep in mind I am actually trying to use that site, so try not to f*&^ it up 🙂


A collegue of mine mentioned a problem he was having when he told people he was a web developer. The problem is that he is a software engineer that happens to work with web technology, he doesn’t build “websites”, he builds web applications and I think this difference is lost on a lot of people. As it turns out, I have had exactly the same problem, I just couldn’t seem to put my finger on it.

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