Pixel boxes is a simple application that lets you turn an image into a 3d grid of boxes, its really simple, but kind of neat. You can then view the image and fly around and inspect different pixels (not sure what you would be inspecting, but you can!) and you can export the view into a povray format and then render the resulting image.

Sceenshots (click for fullsize)


You can download the install files here:

I will post the source eventually but I need to clean up the code some.


There really isnt too much to using this software, there is just “load image” then use mouse and wasd keys to navigate in 3d space and a few options

  • Z axis amplification – the depth of each pixel is drawn accourding to the brightness, if you dont want this effect turn this to 0. If you want to enhance this effect make it larger
  • Cube Padding – Will put empty space in between each box
  • Combine Threshold – Can create an interesting effect. This will combine pixels that are similar – it uses a pretty naive method, so don’t expect much.  In the first 2 screen shots, you can see this taking effect where the ‘pixels’ are bigger.  The higher the threshold, the more likey this will be to happen
  • Detail Level – The higher the number, the more detail. If you have an image that is bigger than say 300×300 it will start to really slow down movement (its really not that well optimized) and setting the detail level will combine pixels (eventually down to 1 singe pixel) so that you can move without stuttering.

Be careful not to use to large of an image, as you can easily overload the renderer and the application will perform horribal.

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