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Scott Fennell is fullstack developer with a focus on front end software development and the capability to accomplish whatever development needs to be done on any level. Scott’s goal, as a software engineer, is to create beautiful and useful products that solve problems.


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AngularJs, SASS, CoffeeScript, Html5, Grunt, Gulp, Google Charts, Angular Material, Bootstrap, Foundation, Bower as well as many many other libraries and tools.


.backend {

Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Hibernate, Spring, Struts I have built many different projects from front to back using quite a few different languages, these are some of my favorites.


.devops {

MySQL, Ubuntu, Redhat, ArchLinux, AWS: EC2, ELB, Route53, ElasticSearch, Tomcat, Nginx, Haproxy, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ I have architected and built high-availability systems on AWS, built deployment systems and maintained many servers and systems. Optimized databases and queries to help increase performance of searches 10 fold


.other {

Git, AppEngine, Heroku, Gimp, Photoshop



.history {

#T3Media   {

date: 2014-Present
title: Senior Software Engineer / UI/UX Developer

Helped design and build review and approve application, added json responses to legacy Java application to extend existing functionality with a new Angular application front end.

– Created and built applications and tools

– Troubleshoot pain points and fixed critical bugs

– Designed an built queue driven transcoding service


#TrackVia {

date: 2011-2014
title: Software Engineer

Started at TrackVia maintaining and adding features to an existing Perl codebase. Helped usher a transition and complete ground up rewrite and expansion of software.

– Lead a nearly seamless transition of entire environment with several 100+GB databases from an existing colocated environment to AWS with minimal downtime.

– Reworked and developed chart and report builder tools utilizing Google’s visualization API with dynamic tables.


#Miles|Weaver {

date: 2009-2011
title: Web Developer

PHP and Javascript Development, maintaining a ExtJS and CakePHP based CMS and city based hotel and meeting space search tool.



.education {

Metropolitan State College of Denver
1998-2003 | Bachelors of Science – Computer Science

The focus of the MSCD computer science degree program was rooted in mathematics, software optimization, and software engineering.


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